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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pinterest Challenge

I am so excited to start this challenge here at 281. I have been brainstorming and staying up at night planning this for weeks. I am excited to make it happen! 

I have decided to actually start making and creating things I have pinned on Pinterest. I, like many of you, sit for as long as I can (uninterrupted) and pin away! When I get bored, I pin. When I am tired, I pin. When I am all alone and my kids are in bed, I pin. I sound like a regular addict don't I?! 

I have now vowed to actually use these pins and start going through my boards. I need to clean out what works and what doesn't, and I need to get things on my crafty list done! 
To get things done I came up with the Pinterest Challenge.
Here's how it will work. I will have three categories to classify my pins: 

 Pin-Worthy: This category will be for each and every pin I try that is a success! There are so many out there that aren't, we just pin and don't check the URL or web address and hope that it actually works when we need them! I plan to clean out my boards of Pins that don't work.

Pin-teresting: These are going to be the middle, in between Pins. Ones that work, but are kind of less interesting or just ok. Nothing really spectacular.

Pin-FAIL: This category really doesn't need an explanation. If the Pin fails, it falls to this one. And yes, I have tried numerous pins that have failed. I hope not too many of my pins are lame. :/

I am going to pick a recipe, craft or sewing project at random and get started. 
You can follow my Pinterest Boards HERE.
I can't wait to share all my Pins with you!


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